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What is that nerve pain causing numbness and tingling down my leg? -Chiropractor near Kyle, Buda, Wimberley, San Marcos TX

What is that nerve pain causing numbness and tingling down my leg?  -Chiropractor near Kyle, Buda, Wimberley, San Marcos TX
One day you wake up and notice a pain for the first time.  It’s not the usual back pain as you’ve grown accustomed to a backache now and then, but this one feels different.  It’s as if the leg is asleep due to numbness or has a tingling sensation to it.  You start to wonder what is causing this. Ever have this happen to you?
Numbness and tingling down the leg is referred to as sciatica.  It occurs when there is pressure on one of the nerves that goes down the leg.  All of the nerves traveling down the leg start on the spinal cord in the low back (lumbar spine) and branch off into different cords that travel to different areas of the leg.  These nerves are what send messages to all of the structures down the leg from the brain to communicate.  When there is misalignment in the spinal bones of the low back this can cause a pinched nerve by putting pressure on the nerve itself, creating the numbness or tingling sensation.
When the spine is in proper alignment and the motion of the joints is moving well, you are much less likely to have pressure on the sciatic nerve or any other nerve pain.  Other factors that can put pressure on a nerve are the discs.  A bulging disc or herniated disc can also put pressure directly on a nerve.  They can also create low back pain or neck pain, and other symptoms.
Try chiropractic care to see the results for yourself!  We see many people come in with sciatica and similar symptoms.  We see many others for problems like whiplash after car accident, sports injuries, pregnancy pains, neck and back pain and more.
In Health,
Dr. Ryan Browning

Here’s Your Arthritis “Get Out of Pain” Card! -Kyle TX Chiropractor

Here’s Your Arthritis “Get Out of Pain” Card!  –Kyle TX Chiropractor
Do you have arthritis in your spine?  How about the hips, shoulders and knees?  Many people believe that having arthritis means they are destined to chronic pain.  Well, the good news is that isn’t true!
Arthritis is a condition that takes years to form into the joints and is typically associated with joint degeneration and lots of wear and tear on the body.  A traumatic injury or a whiplash injury from a car accident can start the process of arthritis much sooner that normal.  After a car accident there may be a part of the spine that is unstable due to ligament damage around the spine.  The bone then grows osteophytes attempting to anchor it into position to further stabilize that area.  The body knows that due to instability or other damage that the area needs help to prevent further damage.
In a sense, arthritis is proof of the body’s innate intelligence on how to keep you going.  It is the body’s attempt to stabilize an otherwise unstable area after car accidents.  It is also the doy’s way of coping with chronic inflammation.  The inflammation can also be due to a high inflammatory diet causing systemic inflammation.  This can also be helped by getting the body more alkaline through consistent healthy nutrition and supplementation.
The good news is that you can still get pain relief even though you already have arthritis!  Chiropractic care is the #1 conservative treatment to get the most our of your body and reduce the need for pain pills and anti-inflammatories.
In Health,
Dr. Ryan Browning