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Why It’s IMPORTANT to Get Chiropractic Evaluation & X-Rays After Car Accident! by Kyle TX Chiropractor

Ever wonder what your x-rays would look like after a car accident? I’m going to show you firsthand what they look like and why. The video below will show you two cases of average sized women in their mid 20’s with no prior history of back pain or spinal problems.

In case #1 on top you can see how this side-swipe auto accident has caused spinal alignment issues throughout the entire back. The caveat on this person is that this accident happened 5 years ago and was never evaluated and treated properly!! So we are now years later and this patient has sudden neck pain, low back pain, upper and mid back pain, headaches and an overall feeling of hurting all over the place- just all of a sudden, with no explanation or incident. As I was able to talk with her about underlying causes or past incidents, we spoke about her car wreck in the past and how she was in pain initially, but it seemed to go away on its own and she figured everything was fine. Now it’s not. This is a situation that I see all too often… accident happens, pain goes away by itself, cause has not been corrected properly, pain returns years later. This happens regularly!!!

Case #2 will show you x-rays of a patient that was in a motor vehicle accident two weeks prior to the x-ray being taken. She also came in feeling neck pain, shoulder pain, mid and lower back pain, headache and also some concussion symptoms. In her x-ray you can also see the alignment problem from top to bottom in a girl who previously had zero symptoms or history of back problems. These two cases are interesting to compare because of the similarities they share in the x-ray findings. It’s a good lesson that if the spine is not properly evaluated and treated after a car, motorcycle or 18 wheeler accident the underlying problem will remain even if the symptoms go away for a while. Research has shown that the sooner whiplash and trauma injuries are detected and fixed the better chance they have of not becoming problem that could turn into chronic pain.

For those in a recent motor vehicle accident, it’s always a good idea to use ice regularly at home to help decrease the inflammation and swelling. Heat is not advisable because it brings more blood flow to the area and makes it more difficult for the soft tissues to heal. Ice will push the blood flow away to help the repair process to begin in the connective tissues. For extreme pain after an accident, get checked in the emergency room to have any fractures or trauma detected. The next step in treatment is a trained chiropractor in whiplash and car accident injuries. Chiropractors certified in personal injury are trained to detect issues with spinal movement and alignment, proper curvature, ligament and muscular injuries, concussion symptoms, disc herniation, pinched nerves that can cause numbness, tingling and weakness.

Hope this is informative to you. If you have any specific questions, feel free to call me personally at our office- 512-405-0400.  Most of our patients come from the Kyle, Buda, and San Marcos TX area,, but if you have a loved one in another part of the country needing help, I can help you find a chiropractor that has the necessary training to do so.

In Health,

Dr. Ryan Browning


Why Wellness Matters…by Kyle Chiropractor Ryan Browning, D.C.

Why Wellness Matters…
Most people today wait to take action on their health until it is too late or a much bigger problem than it needed to become.  This is also true when it comes to spine and posture maintenance. Taking a preventive approach to caring for your spine and body will pay off in many ways down the road: lower healthcare costs, less surgeries, fewer hospitalizations, fewer medications, less likely to be on medications, less imaging costs such as MRI and CT scan, etc. The list continues of financial savings associated with utilizing chiropractic for spinal maintenance.  This doesn’t even include the health benefits: more energy, better sleep, less tension, fewer headaches, less back pain and neck pain, healthier nerves and less likely to have pinched nerves, and the list could go on and on.  Chiropractic care also improves mood, decreasing your chance of depression and anxiety and overall stress that will bombard the body.
So don’t just wait until you get a kink in the neck or your back goes out, don’t wait for a car accident or sports injury.  You don’t have to have scoliosis or sciatica.  Take care of your body now while it is still in good health so that it stays that way! It’s always easier to fix a small problem than a big problem.
When it comes to your body’s health, prevention and maintenance go very far.  This is true for diet, exercise, sleep, water, stretching, and chiropractic care.  If you would like to know more about keeping you and your family healthy, give us a call at    512-405-0400.
In Health,
Ryan Browning, D.C.