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3 Keys to Avoid Chronic Neck or Back Pain After a Car Accident- Tips From Whiplash Expert Dr. Ryan Browning, D.C.

3 Keys to Avoid Chronic Neck or Back Pain After a Car Accident – Tips From Whiplash Expert Dr. Ryan Browning, D.C.


Having seen hundreds of patients after car crashes there are many mistakes that people make which cause longer lasting and sometimes permanent damage to the spine from a car accident or whiplash trauma. Many patients come in shortly after a motor vehicle accident and some come in a long time after once they are aware that their chronic neck or back pain is not going away. One of my jobs as their chiropractor is to educate them on how they can get better now and stay better in the future.  Here are 3 tips of things to do after any car wreck.

#1- Seek immediate treatment or an opinion. If you are in an accident and there is immediate pain, it needs to be tended to immediately. This initial pain very well may worsen in the next day or two, so the sooner it is diagnosed and treated the better. High levels of pain should be checked in the emergency room to rule out bone fractures or other trauma to the body’s vital organs or the intervertebral discs. Whether or not trauma care in the E.R. is necessary, the next step should be a specialist in whiplash. This would be specific chiropractors. All chiropractors can see a car accident patient, but you want one who is expert in this area. You want one that has post-doctorate training and certification in whiplash and auto accident trauma to be the one to examine your injuries. The higher the level of training in this area, the higher the specificity in finding and helping to resolve your problems.


#2- Start with ICE to reduce inflammation, not heat!  One of the most basic rules of treatment is that ice helps decrease inflammation because it pushes the blood away from the muscles, tendons, ligaments, all the soft tissues that are trying to heal after an injury. Heat will bring blood towards the area thus making it more difficult to repair the area. When in doubt, ice! I am continually amazed how often a patient comes in after an accident and they have been told by someone to put heat on it- even from the E.R. and urgent care centers!! Try to get extra amounts of water for hydration to the muscles and extra rest as your body is working in overdrive to repair itself and will feel fatigued and run down for a while.


#3- At a minimum, get spinal x-rays to check the alignment and curvatures of the spine as well as under the radar fractures that may occur. This is necessary before undergoing any form of treatment! Just a few months ago I examined a woman after her car accident. She inquired if her son should be checked as well since he had a little bit of pain. After I agreed, she brought him in and I started with an examination and x-rays. I found a large fracture at his fifth lumbar vertebrae! If he had begun many forms of treatment without knowing about this he would have been injured worse from treatment. This case was a surprise since his levels of pain were much lower than expected with this finding. As a rule, after a car accident, at least get spinal x-rays and a complete examination performed by a car accident chiropractor that is expert in this area.

Car Accident Injuries As Seen On X-Rays- by Chiropractor near San Marcos TX

You’ve probably at some time in your life driven by on the highway as there is a car accident on the side of the road and been backed up by traffic from the rubber-neckers driving by. Many people wonder if there were injuries or if they are ok. Some car accidents cause traumatic injuries requiring the ambulance and emergency care due to fractures, internal organ damage and more. Other visible signs of a motor vehicle accident include scrapes, bruises, swelling and burns.

In our office we see many types of whiplash from different types of wrecks. They can range from muscle strain to ligament sprain, joint inflammation, concussion, dizziness, pain, numbness, tingling, herniated disc, nerve compression, back pain, neck pain, shoulder and hip pain and many many more. Car accident injuries can be difficult to diagnose to the untrained eye since they are not all visible at the start and can take weeks to fully develop.

If you experience a car collision, you should at least receive an examination and x-rays from a chiropractor certified in personal injury. This can determine if chiropractic care is appropriate for you or if another specialist is best suited for your situation. It can also determine if more information is necessary in the form of MRI or other diagnostic imaging to determine the extent of injury. It’s important to find all of the associated injuries from the car crash for insurance purposes so that you receive proper coverage during the treatment process. If not, then it will be too late for the insurance to cover your treatment and you are left to deal with care for the injuries later on. We’ll treat you through auto insurance, personal injury attorney, letter of protection, worker’s compensation, etc.

Our office offers NO COST INJURY CARE to help you get evaluated ASAP after an accident and help you determine the best course of action. If chiropractic care and therapy done in our office is the best solution we will let you know.  If it is not, we will let you know as well and get you to the best place for you.

My BEST advice after an accident is to have the chiropractic evaluation including x-rays after your motor vehicle accident to make sure. Find any underlying injuries. Just this week our office was treating a woman for her accident and she commented that her son was having some back pain and wondered if he should be checked out. We did and found a large fracture on his lowest vertebrae (L5). This was a great surprise since his pain levels were moderate, not what would be typical of a spinal fracture! Thankfully, this was caught or he would have been in great danger of spinal cord damage in the future.

If you or someone you know has been in a car accident, please consider being properly assessed (examination, x-rays at minimum) to make sure this does not become a long-term problem for you or a loved one. We are a chiropractor near San Marcos & Kyle & Buda.

In Health,

Dr. Ryan Browning





Complimentary Consultation with Dr. Ryan Browning, Chiropractor in Kyle TX

At Browning Family Chiropractic & Wellness we have a great track record of helping people who have gone through the rounds of other specialists to no avail. Whether it be headaches, migraines, back pain, sciatica, scoliosis or other musculoskeletal problems our patients get great results. Often times they have already seen an orthopedist, pain management specialist, neurologist, physical therapist and massage therapist without finding the solution to their problem! Don’t get me wrong… we work avidly with all of these specialists already mentioned when warranted.

The key is solving the cause to your problem that gives rise to the symptom. The symptom (pain, headache, numbness, tingling, etc) is an effect of the cause. So while you want the pain to go away, simply covering up the pain is not fixing the cause. Think of pain as your body’s “check engine” light. The light appears to say that something is wrong. You could simply take a piece of duct tape and cover the check engine light to get rid of the symptom, but the cause of the problem remains untouched. When you or a mechanic gets under the hood, fixes the problem, then the light turns off by itself! Your body functions in a similar way- once the cause of the problem is corrected the symptom will go away. That’s why chiropractic care has become increasingly popular in the last decade, because people are sick and tired of swallowing pain medication, muscle relaxers, anti-inflammatories and NSAIDS so they can get mediocre benefits too often accompanied with nasty side effects. Chiropractors seek to remove the cause of your problem, thus alleviating the pain and symptom and providing no side effects- unless you count things like better sleep, more energy, ability to exercise more as side effects! If you’ve thought, “I need to find a chiropractor near me” then give us a call today.

If you are in the Kyle, Buda, San Marcos area and have tried other treatments but are still struggling with pain, we invite you to our office for a complimentary consult to see if chiropractic care may be right for you. If you look like a good chiropractic candidate then you can proceed with our new patient special to receive your new patient exam and x-rays in the same visit. We hope to see you soon and help you to live a healthy, pain free life!


In Health,

Dr. Ryan Browning, DC

Chiropractor in Kyle TX Offers Free Consultation for Car Accident Victims


Chiropractor in Kyle TX Offers Free Consultation for Car Accident Victims

Have you ever been in a car wreck?  Many people aren’t sure what to do after getting into one.  From a fender bender to a totaled car accident, bodily injuries vary greatly.  The person in the motor vehicle accident’s physical condition, age, health, force of the trauma, head position, and other factors affect the visible and underlying damage done.  It is common for the onset of pain, whiplash symptoms or post-concussion syndrome to be delayed a few days after the crash.

Some injuries are uncomfortable and painful for the first few weeks or months following the whiplash. These include sprains and strains causing neck pain, back pain, headaches, shoulder and hip pain, muscle spasm, tension, trouble sleeping, feeling fatigue, anxiety, nervousness, etc. In most cases the sooner treatment begins after the accident the better. This can shorten the recovery time to getting back to 100%.

Other car wreck injuries can take longer to treat and resolve, such as: herniated disc, nerve pain, concussion, torn muscle, ligament damage. Did you know that if the ligaments in the neck are stretched a mere 3 millimeters they can cause long-term pain and symptoms.  Damaged muscles need assistance to heal to avoid scar tissue. Ligaments need chiropractic treatment so that the damage is not permanent and the neck can regain normal range of motion and normal alignment again.

There are many other possibilities and variables involved in these car accidents. Our office offers a consultation to talk about your situation and see if chiropractic care and therapy is the proper treatment for you.  If it is not, we also have a full team of medical specialists in our referral network.  We also work with personal injury attorneys for those that need this service.

In Health,

Dr. Ryan Browning, D.C.

Kyle TX Chiropractor, Dr. Ryan Browning Reviews Steps to Know After Car Accident

We see many people that are victims of car accidents and all too often they do not know the first steps to follow after a car wreck.  This short blog post can give you the information needed to save you from unnecessary pain.

1- If you are in immediate pain after an accident, seek help at the emergency room.  Sometimes neck pain, back pain or other car crash related symptoms manifest immediately afterwards.  It could be whiplash, inflammation, herniated disc or even broken bones.  It’s best to rule out the worst first.  It is very common for the accident related pain to begin up to several days after the wreck.

2- Use ice!  Ice is used to decrease swelling and inflammation.  The force of two colliding vehicles creates a lot of pressure and stress on the joints, ligaments, discs and muscles.  Ice is usually the first step.  Many confuse this and use heat.  Heat can make the inflammation worse in the initial critical stage.

3- Rest and Water.  Your body is trying to heal from the side effects of a motor vehicle accident and you need to give it every opportunity to heal.  Extra sleep will help with the repair process.  Hydrating with lots of water is important too.

4- Get checked by a Chiropractor near you.  Chiropractors are the experts of the musculoskeletal system and the connective tissues.  They can detect problems in the joints of the spine, shoulders, hips and more.  They can evaluate the health of the discs, tendons, ligaments, muscles and bones.  They are qualified to perform or refer for imaging such as x-rays and MRIs or to medical specialties if needed.  Chiropractors can evaluate and treat car accident related concussions.  You might be dealing with a concussion if you are experiencing nausea, visual disturbance, heavy headedness, difficulty concentrating or focusing, difficulty reading, dizziness, trouble sleeping, etc.  These are some of the symptoms that need to be addressed and watched.

Browning Family Chiropractic & Wellness is certified in personal injury for the treatment of patients in car accidents, motorcycle accidents, 18 wheeler accidents and more.  We have years of experience treating all different injuries from car wrecks and others.  If you are near the Kyle, Buda and San Marcos TX area and need help, call us at 512-405-0400 or click on the link: chiropractor near me


In Health,


Dr. Ryan Browning, D.C.

How to Find a Good Chiropractor -Kyle, Buda, San Marcos

How to Find a Good Chiropractor -Kyle, Buda, San Marcos

Chiropractic is the world’s #1 natural healthcare option aka “alternative” medicine. In all reality, it is not medicine of any kind since chiropractors do not prescribe prescription medication or surgery. When there is a need for these, we refer out to the appropriate medical specialist. Many people can treat their musculoskeletal problems like migraines, headaches, low back pain, neck pain, sciatica, numbness, tingling, disc bulging and others with chiropractic if they only knew about it.

There are many different styles of treatment in chiropractic and this can cause confusion for people. They might have been used to one chiropractor and relocate to another town and find a local chiropractor only to be surprised when the treatment method is very different. This is one obstacle that keeps some from utilizing chiropractic care for their health and wellness needs for the long-term. When a friend from out of town or a patient moves far away and asks for a recommendation, I literally have to research their websites and sometimes make a call to find one that I would personally recommend for them, to make sure they are in good hands.

I’ve decided to list a few good qualities to look for when searching for a chiropractor
#1- X-rays taken in the office. Most people should receive clearance through a thorough examination and x-rays before getting a spinal adjustment. A physical exam may suffice some of the times, but all too often the x-rays uncover hidden issues that the chiropractor and the patient would have never known had the x-rays not been taken. I’ve seen things on the x-rays many times that would have never been found without them. Offices that don’t have the convenience of x-rays onsite usually skip them due to convenience.
#2- Variety of treatment techniques. Over the years one thing I’ve learned is that no two people are alike. To go along with that, no two spines are alike either. One method of spinal adjustment may get rid of your headache, while the next patient may need a very different technique to feel the results. A chiropractor should be able to deliver a variety of technique styles in order to fine tune things along the way throughout your treatment. Many people avoid chiropractic because they are afraid of hearing the “pop” or getting their neck “cracked”. There are many ways to still benefit from chiropractic and not have to feel the “pop”.
#3- Post-graduate education. To become a chiropractor you have to complete your undergraduate degree and then complete four years of chiropractic college. It’s a doctorate level degree. It’s tough and difficult. That being said, the learning should never stop. Research never stops, new developments in science and healthcare and the education of your chiropractor should never stop. Look for one that goes after post-graduate certifications and attends educational seminars regularly.

#4- Word of mouth referral. While it’s important to have information readily available, it’s even more important for the locals to speak well of the doctor and their office. Nothing replaces good old fashioned just taking care of people! Most of our patients come from Kyle, San Marcos and Buda and we certainly do our best to give great results and to be well-spoken of throughout the community and other local businesses.
If you are looking for a chiropractor a good resource is your local Chamber of Commerce for a recommendation. You can reach the Kyle Area Chamber of Commerce by calling 512-268-4220.
For more information about our office, Browning Family Chiropractic & Wellness visit our website: http://www.browningfamilychiropractic.com/
You can feel free to call us at 512-405-0400. If you have questions, feel free to set up a complimentary consultation to see if we are a good fit for your healthcare needs.
In Health,
Dr. Ryan Browning

Looking for Chiropractor Reviews in Kyle TX? Read On….

At Browning Family Chiropractic & Wellness we feel that giving you the best treatment and service is a must!  We hope that you will share your great chiropractor reviews about how wonderful it is!  And if there is ever a time that you are not satisfied, we hop that you will tell us immediately so that we can correct it.  Dr. Browning has taken over for Dr. Eric DeVries and Dr. Wendy DeVries for 7 months now and we are grateful for the AMAZING response since DeVries Family Chiropractic transitioned into Browning Family Chiropractic & Wellness!

If you still haven’t tried a chiropractic adjustment by Dr. Browning, please read some of the testimonials that his patients left about him in the office that he worked in and directed for two and a half years before leaving to become a chiropractor in Kyle, TX!….


For the first time in my life I have seen true improvement with issues I’ve struggled with for so long.  I am feeling great and am so happy with Dr. Browning and the team!  This is the first time that I have ever had chiropractic combined with physical therapy, and it’s been the best for me.

~Anna O.


I came to Dr. Browning after my first car accident. I had never had chiropractic before and I was TOTALLY overwhelmed by the pain in my neck and my back. I started out skeptical at first, but Dr. Browning was recommended and my experience has been amazing! I would not have believed how much better I felt in such a short time! They are always so professional and compassionate from the time you walk in to the time you leave!

Linda P.


I started coming in with low back pain that was affecting my ability to work. Before coming to the chiropractor I tried taking some pain pills like everybody else, but they didn’t work. The chiropractic and rehab have been great to relieve all the pressure in my back and I have a lot more energy and just have more energy overall! I tell everybody about this place, especially Dr. Browning, he does a great job!!

Phan M.


I came into the office because I had met Dr. Browning at a Chamber of Commerce meeting and I’ve always wanted to get back into chiropractic. One of the things that interested me most about this office is that they work with the muscles and ligaments as well as the spine.  I really need to work on my core strength and that’s what we are working on here. My experience has been great. I’ve also had some TMJ problems and the doctor has help tremendously with it. I would most certainly recommend Dr. Ryan Browning to my family and friends.

-Fred D


I was having migraines on a daily basis and having significant pain in my neck and upper back. I’ve had migraines off and on for years, but the frequency increased four weeks prior to coming in. I have taken lots of pain medication and seen several doctors, but had never found relief. Everyone here is very personable, friendly, and open. You can ask any question that crosses your mind, even if it seems insignificant or silly. It’s a very warm, friendly atmosphere. The best part is, I have now been migraine free for 8 weeks!

-Michelle C


I came in to see Dr. Browning because I had lower back pain and was having trouble sleeping and driving. In the past six weeks I have seen a BIG difference. My back pain is gone! I have resumed my daily activities and my hobbies. I have gone to chiropractors before, but did not get the relief that I found here. I have already recommended you to my family and friends!

-Tony H


I had strained the upper muscle in my shoulder and my doctor said I needed physical therapy. If I saw no improvement I would have to eventually have surgery, but we wanted to try one last option.  My experience has been wonderful! The staff and Dr. Browning are both great! I’ve been coming for about a month, and as a result I no longer have to have surgery! The professionalism of the staff here is my number one reason for coming back, and referring him to my friends!

-Kari M.


I was in a car accident and within an hour I was stiff and sore and knew I needed to seek treatment to make sure I was okay. I went to the hospital and they referred me to Dr. Browning. My progress was slow at first, but I am so much better. I am sleeping through the night, the numbness and tingling in my hands is gone, and I am not stiff like I was when I first came in!

-Garth W


I came in because of a neck injury I sustained during working out. I couldn’t turn my head left or right, and it was affecting my work. I’ve seen a huge improvement since my first treatment at the office. I have no pain in my neck, and I can sleep through the night. I am going to start back at the gym this week and resume all normal activities. I have also told my mom to come in, because I know they can help her with her back pain as well!

-Lea M

I’ve had severe headaches and neck pain for several years. These headaches last for days at a time. I visited Dr. Browning a few weeks ago and I’ve been headache free ever since! This is the longest amount of time that’s passed between headaches that I can remember. Next time I feel a headache coming on the first thing I’m going to do is call Dr. Browning for an appointment!
-Elaine D.

Dr. Browning and his staff were so kind and attentive to me! He was straight to the point of what my problem was and what type of treatment would fix it. They talked about my X-Rays with me thoroughly to make sure I knew everything about my condition and about my treatment options and answered any questions before my first treatment. They definitely care about their patients. I was worried since I’ve never had chiropractic treatment before, but now I feel like I’m in the right place. I even get physical therapy and massage with it on each visit! I’m getting great results and would highly recommend.

They make an extra effort to get to know their patients and find out what they need. They always remember me and make me feel very important. I was amazed at how much better I felt after my adjustments. I was worried that my adjustments were going to be painful but they were extremely careful. I was nervous that I was going to be numb or stiff after my adjustments, but I felt absolutely fantastic when I left! It’s obvious that they are experts at what they do and I feel very safe under Dr. Browning’s care. One of the first things I noticed about this business was the level of detail and attention to make the building handicap-accessible. You could tell they really made an effort to accommodate people with all different needs.
– Christine

Dr. Browning welcomed my questions and took the time to explain them all.  He was very sympathetic to my situation and the staff went above and beyond to make me feel special and respected.
-Mary M.

Dr. Browning was very knowledgeable and helpful.  I like that he takes his time to fully evaluate things.  He also does other things like massage and exercises.  I felt completely taken care of and recommend anyone to go see him.
-William R.

Dr. Browning is the most caring doctor out there. When I am in Dallas he is my doctor of choice! I highly recommend Dr. Ryan and his team.
-Shawn D.

I’ve been struggling with a running injury in my right knee for about 9 months. A running buddy recommended ART, and recommended Dr. Ryan Browning. Now, I am happy to recommend both! I can actually do squats again without falling over in pain, and am looking forward to running again soon.
-Brian P.

This Chiropractor is fantastic! He is an amazing chiropractor that specializes in Active Release Technique for the treatment of muscle/nerve entrapments and repetitive strain injuries. I have an injury that is over 9 years old from falling off a boat. My right arm has a nerve that is captured under my shoulder blade and the physician in California wanted to cut me open with no promise of actually locating it. I met Dr. Browning last week and he did the ART treatment for the first time on me. It’s a pretty amazing treatment, I actually felt muscles that I have not in 8 years instantly! He is a great chiropractor in the area and this office is the best.
-Wendy Y.

I could hardly turn my neck to drive and it was just very stiff and uncomfortable.  I kept waking up in the morning with headaches so I tried stretching and exercises, but nothing seemed to help.  Wasn’t too sure about trying a chiropractor and was skeptical at first, but Dr. Browning did some adjustments that really helped and now I feel excellent!!  If you are curious about chiropractic, try Dr. Browning.
-Orlando V.

I started coming because I fell and had lots of low back and knee pain.  They have both improved a lot already since I first started! I can stretch out and bend much better and just overall move around easier to take care of my kids.  Everything has been great!
-Glenda M.


I feel wonderful thanks to Dr. Browning!  You all are the best! -Janis G.


The staff is always SO nice!  They always have a smile on their face, and Dr. Browning makes you feel so comfortable and relaxed!  This is a GREAT place to get better!  -Elizabeth P.


The team cares a WHOLE lot about the WHOLE you!  -Melanie H.


Love it here!  So glad I met Dr. Browning.  They’ve made such a positive difference in my life!  -Belen


Wonderful and very friendly, caring!!  -Dixie