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Kyle TX Chiropractor Discusses Kids and Migraines

Just today I saw an eleven year old girl with chronic headaches and migraines.  Her mother commented how their medical doctor brushed it off because “kids aren’t supposed to get headaches”. While the MD is right that kids shouldn’t get headaches (nobody should get them to be honest), the fact is that sometimes they do. Symptoms are the body’s way of sending warning signals that something is wrong. You can choose to find and fix the cause or cover up the warning signal. Chiropractors find and remove spinal misalignment that prevent the body from functioning optimally.

I’ve had many moms bring in their kids complaining of headache, neck pain and even migraines that have tried the medical route with no effective answers or solutions. Their spines, especially the neck, is always out of alignment causing nerve irritation and eventually other symptoms. Sometimes problems with the curvature are evident on x-ray, including scoliosis and other curvature problems.

The sooner these problems are addressed the better. Kids with spinal problems become adults with spinal problems.  The sooner they receive chiropractic services the easier they are to treat. More serious spinal problems can then be prevented by being proactive and not waiting for them to occur.

If your kids are talking about neck pain, headaches or migraines, don’t take it lightly and call us at Browning Family Chiropractic & Wellness. Dr Ryan Browning is experienced in helping kids of all ages thrive with gentle chiropractic care. He has treated his own daughters from the time they were newborns and they are continue to grow healthy and totally aligned.


Why Wellness Matters…by Kyle Chiropractor Ryan Browning, D.C.

Why Wellness Matters…
Most people today wait to take action on their health until it is too late or a much bigger problem than it needed to become.  This is also true when it comes to spine and posture maintenance. Taking a preventive approach to caring for your spine and body will pay off in many ways down the road: lower healthcare costs, less surgeries, fewer hospitalizations, fewer medications, less likely to be on medications, less imaging costs such as MRI and CT scan, etc. The list continues of financial savings associated with utilizing chiropractic for spinal maintenance.  This doesn’t even include the health benefits: more energy, better sleep, less tension, fewer headaches, less back pain and neck pain, healthier nerves and less likely to have pinched nerves, and the list could go on and on.  Chiropractic care also improves mood, decreasing your chance of depression and anxiety and overall stress that will bombard the body.
So don’t just wait until you get a kink in the neck or your back goes out, don’t wait for a car accident or sports injury.  You don’t have to have scoliosis or sciatica.  Take care of your body now while it is still in good health so that it stays that way! It’s always easier to fix a small problem than a big problem.
When it comes to your body’s health, prevention and maintenance go very far.  This is true for diet, exercise, sleep, water, stretching, and chiropractic care.  If you would like to know more about keeping you and your family healthy, give us a call at    512-405-0400.
In Health,
Ryan Browning, D.C.

Better Posture = Better Health, Importance of Posture Explained by Kyle TX Chiropractor

Better Posture = Better Health
Most of us were told by mom to sit up straight and stand up tall, but that’s about all we learn about posture growing up!  Most Americans do not recognize posture as an important aspect of protecting your health.  Here’s a few reasons why you should take notice…
1- Good posture affects the spinal curve in the neck.  Most people who work at a computer fall into bad habits of slumping forward and sticking the head forward.  Doing this over the course of years will literally change the curvature that should be preserved in the neck.  Once this curvature change begins you will become much more likely to experience headaches including tension and migraine headaches, neck pain and upper back tightness.  When you “preserve the curve” your spine will experience much less stress and the muscles can relax easier.
2- Your posture affects your breathing.  Changes in the spinal curvature and posture changes affect your ability to get the maximum amount of oxygen.  When the spinal column has lost some of its ability to move and expand then the chest will not fully expand which affects the lungs capacity to house as much oxygen.  After beginning chiropractic care, those very aware of their oxygen intake such as athletes and singers will notice an immediate improvement in lung function due to the spine’s increased ability to move.
3- Bad posture can pinch nerves.  An important aspect of health is the function of your nervous system, the brain and spinal cord, to relay messages throughout the body via the nerves. When the spine has changed shape or alignment due to poor posture then the openings where the nerves come off the spine begin to close up.  This causes stress on the nerves or a pinched nerve.  Sometimes you can feel a pinched nerve when it goes down the leg (sciatica) or when it goes down the arm.  Many times you can’t feel the actual effect of a pinched nerve when the particular nerve goes to the digestive system or the lungs, etc. However, these pinched nerves will still affect overall health, ability to sleep, your energy level and other aspects of your body’s physiological function.
In Health,
Dr. Ryan Browning