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Neck Pain Relief in Kyle

adjusting neckSleeping awkwardly, gazing downward at our digital devices, experiencing whiplash or a sports injury. These common causes of neck pain can disrupt our everyday lives. While many people reach for OTC pain medication to find relief, that’s just a bandage approach of masking symptoms.

At Browning Family Chiropractic & Wellness, we don’t seek to merely eliminate symptoms. Instead, we identify and tackle the root causes of your neck pain. Through targeted adjustments, we enhance spinal alignment, improve mobility, and provide long-lasting relief.

The Power of Chiropractic Adjustments

Our chiropractors use various techniques to address a patient’s spinal misalignments, which are the root causes of discomfort. Restoring alignment reduces tension and promotes optimal function, significantly relieving neck pain.

Our techniques include spinal adjustments, mobilization, and soft tissue therapies to restore spinal function, alleviate muscle tension, and promote neck health. Dr. Browning and our other doctors often suggest specific exercises and lifestyle modifications to augment the effectiveness of the treatment plan.


Is chiropractic care safe for the neck?

Chiropractic treatment is safe and highly effective for long-term neck pain relief. Our chiropractors take a personalized approach to each patient’s care, providing them with safe and gentle adjustments leading to sustainable results.

How long will it take to get better?

While every patient is unique and will respond to care differently, most patients notice improvement after initial sessions. Each treatment plan is tailored to address each patient’s particular needs, optimizing recovery speed.

Can all ages benefit?

Yes! Chiropractic care can benefit people of all ages and stages, including kids. And because children and teens often spend hours a day on their smartphones or tablets, they experience what’s been referred to as “tech neck.” Chiropractic care can address this modern-day malady and provide relief.

Put Pain in Your Past Today

If neck pain has sidelined you from what you love in life, we invite you to contact Browning Family Chiropractic & Wellness. We want to help you put pain in your past!


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